Volunteer Actors for Las Vegas Haunts


Want to be one of the BEST Haunt Actors in Vegas?


Sign up in September, volunteer in October!!

We will post auditions in mid September. You can fill out the info and we will email you a reminder. Volunteers act Thursdays through Sundays in October and the last couple days leaving up to Halloween! The haunts are located in the parking lot of the Meadows Mall, by JC Pennys. Were you yelled at by your Mother for always hiding in the shadows, jumping out and scaring your little brother or sister? Do you find pleasure in scaring the daylights out of people? You just might be the type of person we're looking for! We can provide you with a safe environment where this kind of conduct is not only tolerated - but encouraged! These positions are on a voluntary basis but we do ask that you only apply if you can provide us with 100% motivation and dedication. This is not an easy task and a lot of time and effort is needed to provide a safe and scary environment. When done correctly it can be very fun, exciting and rewarding. Because of the standards we have set our Haunt Actors are not only the BEST in Las Vegas, but known by haunt enthusiasts nationwide! While this is a volunteer group, we do have fun and certain "perks". We have an actor appreciation "Cast Parties" . We have several cast outings which have included places such as Battle Blast Laser Tag, Pole Position, Gavady Trampoline Park, Galaxy Theaters and Cowabunga Bay Water Park, to name a few. All Actors for Las Vegas Haunts must be 17 YEARS of AGE or OLDER to volunteer, and must be able to provide proof of age. Please check the calendar to see operational dates. Remember to type in which Haunt you would like to volunteer for, if you have a preference. Are you the BEST? Then you will want to perform with the BEST!! Cast positions are limited, so sign up as soon as possible by filling out the form below. You too can share the thrill of scaring the crap out of people! It's FUN!